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Connecting, Building, and Managing Strategic Initiatives


Innovative Projects

From environmental and coastal preservation, to collegiate athletic support programs, next-gen construction, and property management, OGM specializes in projects around the globe that support a sustainable tomorrow.

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Combined Experience

Founded by managing partners with a combined sixty years creating and managing myriad businesses and special projects, OGM combines proven best practices with blue-sky strategic approaches and top tier partners.

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Community and Trust

With an ethics-before-profit philosophy and focus on community, transparency, and environmental impact, OGM is building sustainable businesses and opportunities for the next generations


Program Formation and Management

Whether you are at the ideation stage or looking to implement your vision, OGM is your partner for realization of your goals.  With resources operating in the US, Europe, and South America, and expert partners at the top of their field, OGM has the reach and expertise to frame, structure, implement, and manage your initiative.  We put it together, keep it together, and make it work.

Fractional Chief of Staff Services

We believe it shouldn’t be a luxury to have a Chief of Staff position supporting small and medium size business leaders.  Our fractional COS services are designed to save you time, manage your projects, improve the flow of information, help you make better decisions, identify and reduce your costs, and boost your impact. We’re on speed dial when its most lonely at the top


Sustainable Technology

OGM is dedicated to pioneering initiatives that champion sustainability and innovation. Our efforts encompass advanced carbon sequestration, wetlands assimilation, domestic wastewater management, and coastal restoration. Additionally, we are implementing cutting-edge solar light pole technology, integrating smart city solutions that enhance energy efficiency and resilience. These initiatives are designed to enhance ecological balance, protect biodiversity, and strengthen our coastal regions against climate change. By focusing on sustainable economic opportunities and community empowerment, we emphasize the critical importance of environmental stewardship. Through these advanced technologies, we are driving forward a vision of a resilient and prosperous future for all.

Next Generation Resilient Housing

Steel House Frame Development. Caucasian Construction Contractor Wearing Safety Harness Working on the Frame.

OGM’s groundbreaking partnership with Kat 5 and Axcess Construction has forged partnerships with leading innovators in the global steel market to develop and construct cutting-edge, windproof, waterproof, and entirely wood-free housing options as a superior alternative to conventional FEMA and stick-built models. Our spec house completed in 2023 realized a 63% reduction in annual insurance premium for the owner. Through our work with Red Cross in Alabama and Mississippi, we are pioneering resilient housing, laying the groundwork for a more sustainable future and supporting vulnerable communities. By embracing these innovative solutions, we aim to provide safer, more durable, and more affordably insurable housing options for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. 

Property Management & Capital Projects

Shot of architectural model on the table in the office

Discover Outrider Global Management’s extensive experience spanning over three decades in the nuanced world of property management. From overseeing commercial facilities for iconic brands like Smuckers and Folgers to managing private golf courses, fast-food chains including Pizza Hut and Smalls Sliders, meat distribution facilities, and marinas, our expertise knows no bounds. With management contracts lasting up to 30 years, our seasoned team ensures every aspect of property management is handled with precision and care. Partnering with Axcess Construction and Management, Inc., a reputable woman-owned business, we deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique property management needs. Trust Outrider Global Management for unparalleled experience and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Stay in the Game

The Stay in the Game Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to address the diverse challenges faced by athletes when transitioning from their professional careers to life beyond sports. With a focus on mental, physical, financial, and career well-being, the program offers tailored support to empower athletes during this critical phase. Through specialized counseling, personalized physical wellness programs, financial literacy education, and career exploration resources, the program aims to enhance athletes’ overall well-being and help them rediscover their identity beyond athletics. By providing these essential services, the Stay in the Game Program strives to ensure a successful and fulfilling transition for athletes into their post-athletic lives. 

Disaster Risk Reduction Technology

OGM is at the forefront of supporting community resilience and disaster risk reduction through its collaboration with innovative partners. Together, they are revolutionizing the rebuilding process by implementing projects that involve comprehensive documentation of residential and municipal structures, capturing both internal and external details. By providing detailed specifications and records pre-disaster, OGM and BuildSOS enable more efficient rebuilding efforts and accurate estimating, significantly shortening the rebuild time. Moreover, this meticulous approach helps mitigate the risk of contractor fraud, ensuring a transparent and trustworthy process for communities recovering from disasters. 

Blue Economy & Carbon Credits

Concept of green tax credit - little house with coins near it and green leafs.

 OGM has embarked on an exciting partnership with the Deep Blue Initiative to pioneer floating architecture initiatives. Together, they are exploring innovative solutions to address the challenges surrounding the integrity of carbon credit valuation. Leveraging distributed ledger technology, OGM and the Deep Blue Initiative are developing carbon credit models that ensure transparency and accuracy in carbon credit assessments. By incorporating floating architecture into the equation, they are not only creating sustainable and adaptable structures but also unlocking new avenues for carbon offsetting. This collaboration signifies a remarkable step forward in the pursuit of a greener and more accountable future. 


Discover Outrider Global Management's Fractional Chief of Staff Services
  1. Introducing Outrider Global Management (OGM) – Your Fractional Chief of Staff Solution

Are you a CEO, Founder, or top executive looking to extend your bandwidth, navigate challenges with confidence, and elevate your business to new heights? Look no further than Outrider Global Management (OGM), where our seasoned experts offer high return fractional Chief of Staff services tailored to your unique needs.

Why our Fractional Chief of Staff is your best hire:

  1. Experience You Can Trust: With over sixty years of combined experience in creating and managing myriad businesses and special projects, OGM’s partners bring a wealth of knowledge spanning small and medium enterprises to large matrix organizations. Our team combines proven best practices with blue-sky strategic approaches, ensuring innovative solutions for your business challenges.
  2. Bandwidth Extender and Trusted Advisor: As your fractional Chief of Staff, OGM serves as your trusted advisor when navigating challenges, reducing the “lonely at the top” experience. We extend your bandwidth, offering support during rapid scaling, growth, and business downturns. Get more done every day and focus on your highest and best uses of your time.  With OGM by your side, you’ll have the insights and agency of two resources in one: an experienced creative futurist with endless ideas and out-of-the-box possibilities, and a “get it done” executive who strategizes and turns the gray area into actionable plans.  We’ve found this combination to be unbeatable in providing quick, actionable support for top leadership.
  3. Cost-Effective Solution: Opting for a fractional Chief of Staff with OGM means gaining access to experienced support when you need it, without the full cost burden of a full-time Chief of Staff. Our flexible model ensures you receive high-quality assistance tailored to your specific needs, making it a smarter investment for your business.
  4. Navigating Complexities: OGM specializes in navigating the challenges of rapid scaling, growth, and the people element of your business, both internally and externally. We excel in managing the intricacies of business downturns and navigating changes, ensuring your business remains agile and resilient in the face of uncertainty.
  5. Strategic Partnerships: OGM fosters strategic partnerships and facilitates streamlined communication across your organization. Our Chief of Staff serves as a bridge between departments, cultivating relationships and providing unfiltered and unbiased insights. With OGM as your trusted advisor, you’ll benefit from enhanced communication, cohesive teamwork, and strategic alignment.

Elevate Your Business with OGM

It’s time to elevate your company to the next level with Outrider Global Management as your Fractional Chief of Staff partner. Experience the difference of having a trusted advisor by your side, extending your bandwidth, and navigating complexities with confidence. Embrace the future of business leadership with OGM and unlock the full potential of your organization.

Discover the power of partnership with OGM – Your trusted ally in achieving business excellence.


We  strive to stay in communication with our clients. Have a question about  our business, or want to see if we match your specific needs? Send us a  message, or give us a call. We’re always happy to connect with new customers!

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